Your organization is remarkable – now start acting like it.

Our new book, You Are Remarkable, helps businesses and organizations unlock their authentic, genuine, real brand identities and express them effectively to their customers.

Who is this book for?

  • Up-and-Coming Professional Marketers
  • Marketing Leaders
  • Marketing and Business Management Students
  • Startup Founders
  • Small Business Owners

… who want to become better marketers and unlock the power of authentic branding.

Why Did We Write This Book?

This book is authored by three branding experts with 45+ years of brand strategy experience who wrote this book because they think everybody they’ve ever heard write and speak about branding has it all wrong.

Many say that branding is about making up a compelling story — that telling a new story about yourself, or presenting your brand in a new way, can actually change the identity of your organization. They think that the way you express yourself outwardly to others, and the story you tell about yourself, actually creates your identity and makes you who you are. As they envision it, “branding” is how a company invents — and perpetually reinvents — itself.

This is completely backwards. 

Nothing can change your identity. Not even you. If it changed, it wouldn’t be you.


Organizations are groups of people who work together, and they are just as real as the people who are part of them. The core identity or essence of an organization does not depend on its story or public perception.

Corporations are not invented with images and words. A new name and logo does not make a new company.

Making up a brand based on what you want others to perceive is lying, and it undermines customer trust. If you haven’t noticed, right now there is a huge crisis of trust in institutions! This is in no small part because so many institutions have bought into the idea that they can reinvent themselves by simply publishing a new narrative. The public sees the lie and therefore rejects the institution.

Branding is instead about expressing the already-existing reality of an organization. Refining your brand is about more truthfully representing the genuine, inner identity that is already there.

What’s in the Book?

Chapter 1

explains philosophy of branding: how and why brands are remarkable, the soul of a brand, and how a brand’s core purpose relates to its brand.

Chapters 2-5

explain why authentic, truthful branding is so important by discussing four major myths that people tend to believe about branding.

Chapters 6-7

give tactical advice on how to unlock your brand, explaining how to discover your brand’s purpose, values, and vision in order to unlock your brand identity.

Chapters 8-10

get you ready to show your brand to the world. Your brand expression is the way your brand communicates outwardly. Storytelling is an important part of this, but the story must be honest!

Chapters 11-12

reflect on rebranding and growth, offering you an understanding of what business “growth” actually means, how a brand can aid the growth of a business, and when a business has grown and changed so much that rebranding is necessary.

By the end of this book, you’ll know just how remarkable your organization is — and how to start acting like it.

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