Brand Foundations Course Module 1

What is a brand and why does it matter?

In module one of our four part course, we break down what branding is, why it matters and how it helps businesses win in their crowded marketplaces.

Interactive Digital Course Module

Module Length: 30-60 minutes | 14 pages

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Your company’s brand is more than you think.

Your Company’s Brand is It’s Soul

You’ve probably heard of the term “branding” but do you know what branding actually is or why it’s important for every business to have a strong brand? In this module you’ll:

  • Learn what a brand actually is.
  • Understand the brand equation.
  • Get a branding history lesson.
  • A discussion on the role of the logo in branding.
  • Understand why your product isn’t your brand.
  • Get data on branding’s ROI.
  • Learn how brand wins with differentiation.

Introduction to Module 1 of the Brand Foundations Course (1 min)

Branding expert and Resound CEO, Mike Jones, explains what this module is all about.

What is Remarkabrand?

Over the past 12+ years, Resound – an award-winning branding agency – has worked with hundreds of companies to establish, grow, and transform their brand identities. Based on these client engagements – and especially the brand strategy workshops we’ve facilitated with their leadership teams – we’ve developed a highly-effective, repeatable methodology for companies to discover, unlock, and communicate their unique brand identities, growing their customer relationships and creating long-term success for their businesses. This is our Remarkabrand method!

Brand Foundations Course

Brand Foundations Course Module 1: What is a brand and why does it matter?



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“‘What is your company’s brand?’ The question itself can stump a firm’s leadership. Remarkabrand has cut through the fog with their excellent course, How To Unlock Your Remarkable Brand. A series of modules containing both education and exercises provide a guide for understanding what a brand is, how to identify a brand’s values, choosing a brand persona, and more. The end result is a complete brand story to be used across all messaging outlets. Answering the ‘What is your brand?’ question is super important … and this course makes it possible.”


Steve Fales, President of Praeter Advisory

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