Content Strategy Builds Brand Awareness, Part II

Dec 1, 2021

We covered how building a content strategy is like starting a good habit. 

Building brand awareness, engaging your audience, giving info about your product or service—once you break through the hard work and get a rhythm of content marketing strategy going, the benefits just multiply.

But how often should a content team meet, glance at your goals and update your brand’s content?

Like Going to the Dentist 

No, we’re not talking about fillings or that dreaded root canal.

We’re talking about how often you should come in for a content and marketing strategy checkup. 

The short answer is that you should be looking to update your brand’s content at least annually, although it can be viable and helpful to do so more often than that… say quarterly, or every six months. 

Either way, a decent marketing strategy template should include checking in, refreshing, or even replacing some of the content that’s doing your heavy lifting. 

How often you meet will likely depend on the complexity of the business, the quantity of products and services, and the overall marketing strategy. But you don’t want to fall into a ‘set it and forget it’ mentality. What is working today in your content strategy may not work tomorrow. And the technologies we rely on to deliver our content to our audiences are constantly changing, which means applying changes to your digital marketing strategy.  

So Mark that Calendar…

And pick an annual or bi-annual date for a regular ‘content strategy checkup.’ 

When the day comes around, this will look like gathering your team, reviewing your content and marketing strategy templates, checking in on your goals, audience targets, content themes, channels, and other tactics you’ve established, and asking yourself what’s working? 

Along with what’s not working?

You might also ask:

-Do you need to adjust your goals and KPIs? 

-Is a certain channel working? Not working? (If not working’s the case, then consider cutting them or trying a different approach.) 

-Are there new channels to reach your audience that you need to consider? 

-Where are there weaknesses in your team or resources that need to be shored up?

Checking in Means Staying on the Radar

While there’s no harm to checking in and getting on the same page about the brand content and digital marketing that’s going out to your colleagues, team, and your B2B audience, you’re on dangerous ground if you assume that the same thing’s going to work year after year, or that the conditions and technology won’t be changing. 

So press into a marketing strategy template that includes assessing your content on an annual basis, or one that’s even more frequent.

Your team, your clients, and your audience will notice… and continue to be piqued by how remarkable you are.  


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